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5 Ways Your Sex Hormones and Menstrual Cycle Impact Your Surfing

femalesurfers performance tips women's health Sep 08, 2021
Two Females Surfing

Riddle me this. The surf is the same size as it was at the start of the week. Two to three feet. Nothing overly big. Perhaps there is a bit more wind on it, something you are capable of dealing with. But why, on this day, do you feel too chicken to get out there?

How about the days where you feel entirely un-coordinated? As if your legs belong to somebody else and you are back to the beginning, learning how to surf again. Is it really that you are suddenly incompetent, or is there another explanation for your jelly leg detachment?

Our menstrual cycle affects our performance

Over the years of working with competitive and non-competitive female surfers as an Exercise Physiologist and Scientist, I have become familiar with the symptoms and challenges women face during different phases of their cycle. So familiar that when a female client tells me she has no surf mojo, I predict she is likely premenstrual. When I turn up to train a client, and she is in tears without knowing why, I happily scrunch up my training plan and adapt...

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