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Want to improve your surfing...


By training like a woman?

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I’m Emilia and I’m here to help you grow your Hairstyling business to a success!

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You can ignore the pink elephant in the room...


and dismiss your unique female biology. You could continue to train like most surfers, with techniques that are more suited to men. But you'll miss vital information that will help you surf your best waves. Instead, experience intelligent female-specific surf training with world-class practitioners and coaches from The Female Surfer. We consider your unique physiology, mechanics and psycho-social needs so you can improve your surfing by training like a woman. 


Start training in a way that supports you as a female



Check out our surf training programs and services.


Develop your own surf training program by working with us one-on-one. Partake in one of our specialised surfing courses or enjoy the long-term growth offered by our online membership. 


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Begin your innovative surf training  with our world-class coaches & practitioners.


Access surf training, surf conditioning and female surf performance tips from World Surf Tour professionals. You cannot experience this anywhere else.


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Surf better waves, with more confidence, fitness, strength & enjoyment!


We bring the research and World Surfing Tour expertise to help you improve your paddling, find your confidence in bigger waves, hone your surf fitness and more!


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Let’s get to it!


  • Surf training & education provided by World Tour professionals.
  • The first program of its kind to consider female specific barriers & strengths 
  • Online & in-clinic options available to support your lifestyle 
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Surf Your Best Waves


We understand that time, fear and lack of support are three major barriers to females surfing their best waves. 

That's why we have created an online training platform that is fun, educational and fits around your life. Each Female Surfer product has been meticulously designed around the unique challenges females face on their surfing journey. Years of research have gone into our programs, so we take out the guesswork. You turn up. You train. We have your back

The Female Surfer is here to support and empower your surfing journey. We want you to surf your best waves possible in this lifetime, because there is no better feeling. 

Book your program or online consultation TODAY and see how The Female Surfer can enhance your surfing journey.


"Training with Candice has been exciting, rewarding and successful. 

Candice is constantly assessing mobility and stability, giving each session more focus, while still keeping things fresh and fun! Being a talented athlete herself, Candice has experienced what it takes to perform at the top level and gives her best in helping her athletes reach their goals."

-Freya Prumm, Pro Surfer

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