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Hi! I’m Candice


I am an Accredited Exercise Physiologist, Exercise Scientist, and like you - a female who surfs. I am also an Exercise Physiologist for the World Surf League and creator of The Female Surfer.

My mission is to give women the opportunity to surf their best waves possible! Historically, women have been missing vital information regarding gender specific variables that can impact their performance and well-being. Lets face the obvious - we aren't men. Our gender is different biologically, socially and psychologically. So why train like man when you aren't one? Imagine missing out on surfing your best waves possible because of a lack of  information and consideration of our unique physiology as women. To me, that is mind blowing!

So welcome to The Female Surfer, the place where I aim to change the game by providing gender specific education and surf conditioning programs. Make sure to sign up for The Female Surfer online community, so you don't miss a beat regarding our blogs, webinars, special offers and more!


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