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All The Tools You Need To Surf Your Best Waves

Our mission is simple...

We want you to surf your BEST waves in this lifetime.

For a moment, imagine and feel what that wave is for you. Is it a solid barrelling reef break? Is is a tinkling, dancing point break that goes forever? Is is a crowd free, glorious a-frame in some remote location? 

Whatever that wave is for you, we have the tools to help you surf it.

Here's how we can help

Flagship surf training that considers how women work. 

Most of the sport science, fitness training and rehabilitation strategies we have been taught, have been developed by men, using predominately male research participants and then applied to women. 

That's all well and good except for one thing - Women are different. Period. 

That is why we strive to bring you the best training and performance tools, that also consider the unique biology of women. 

YES, we talk about the menstrual cycle.

YES, we train to reduce high-risk areas for female surfers.

YES, we consider the difference in your body’s structure.

At every entry level and service we provide, we consider YOU as a female. Because it matters. 

Check out our multiple training options

Flagship Personalised Assessment

for the water woman who wants understand her body -

Our flagship female surfer assessment is the first of its kind to dive into the specific requirements and experiences of the female body. We take you through a collection of tests that match you against the demands of surfing and tell you exactly what you need to include in your surf conditioning. If you have injuries or illnesses to consider with your training, this is the place to start

(online and face-to-face appointments available)

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Getting started micro courses.

- for the surfer that wants to dip her toes - 

Short, succinct online training modules that cover the foundations that every female surfer needs. Follow along with World Surf League Exercise Physiologist Candice Land, as she progresses your training from body weight to gym based exercises, in a condensed 4 week block of training. Each 4 week course progresses from core stability, to upper body, to lower body surf-training. No fuss, high quality, fully supported training you can do at home, around your busy lifestyle. 

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Fun team training with our SQUAD.

- for the wave dancer that thrives on journeying with others -

Join your surf amigas, your hombres, your water buddies and fellow surf-frothers as we take you through carefully curated, female specific, surf conditioning classes designed to take you from beginner-surfer to pro-ripper! Here's the twist though, you move together through the training as a TEAM. We take your baseline measures, map your progress and more! Being capable in the surf goes beyond being strong and lifting weights, we teach you how to be resilient and adaptable with our combined approach of surf fitness, functional surf strength and surf flow training. 

(Face-to-face training, online and hybrid options available)

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Personalised training packages

for the wave warrior with personal achievements in mind - 

Are you a competitive athlete? Perhaps a globe trotting water women? Are you good at motivating yourself to train, once you have a plan in place? We create complete 3 month training programs that help you track towards your competition, surf trip, or personal goals. Have your training succinctly timed around your menstrual cycle. Tailor your training around injuries or illness symptoms.  Ensure you have the right recovery practices and reach your physical peak when you need it most. This really is the ultimate surf conditioning package, tailored to your specific dreams.

(can be completed online)

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Fran Miller

Surf photographer. Advanced female surfer

"Candice helped me surf pain free, after a significant back injury. She is an outstanding practitioner, with wealth of knowledge. My surfing never felt better!"

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