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Group training, that goes beyond group training.

Face-to-face classes are on NSW time and occur at Xcell Fitness, Kingscliff and outdoor areas around Kingscliff.
**classes are completed LIVE online.
All classes available as online SQUAD.
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Move through carefully curated surf training with your amigas, your squad, your team...

Instead of rocking up to a group class every now and then, join your own TEAM! 

Progress together through our structured surf training program, designed to develop your body from 'beginner surf athlete' to 'pro ripper'. Baseline measures are taken and we map your performance individually and as a team. 

Our methods match you against the specific performance variables that surfing asks of you. 

  • SURF FITNESS holding you back? We've got you covered. 
  • Not feeling STRONG enough to paddle out of an impact zone? We have strategies for that
  • Not feeling PEPPY enough to spring to your feet? We cover that in the first few weeks of training. 

PLUS! All of our training considers the unique biological, social and psychological challenges that female experience, across their lifespan.  Clever group training for female surfers - that goes beyond group training.

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Surf Fitness

Improve your confidence in the water by elevating your breathing and fitness capacities. Outdoor training, designed to improve your threshold for both the high intensity and long duration efforts of surfing. Feel ready to duck dive multiple sets, handle bigger surf and calmly manage potential hold downs.

(Location - Kingscliff to Cabarita)

Surf Strength

Our surf strength training encompasses more than just lifting weights or doing squats. We transition you from fundamental muscle endurance, through to power based training and elite level neurological training. You will not only feel strong, but robust, adaptable, balanced and capable of dealing with what mother nature throws at you.

(Location - Xcell Health and Fitness Kingscliff)

Flow & Decompress 

Recover and unwind from the postures of surfing and LIFE. These sessions allow you to re-align your body, calm your nervous system, re-connect with functional breathing patterns and draw you away from overuse injuries and pain. You will feel lighter, grounded and stable from the inside out.  

** classes are conducted online

(Tues class location - Xcell Health and Fitness Kingscliff)

Social Adventure Sessions*

At The Female Surfer we like to encourage water women to explore, expand and set their eyes on new horizons. That's why we include opportunities to socialise, connect and have fun in mother nature! Sessions include surfing different breaks, exploring new coast lines, skate boarding and cross-training with other activities in the wilderness. 

*sessions occur monthly along the Tweed to Ballina Shire Coast.

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Tess, K - Intermediate surfer, Victoria, AUS.

"I am finding these sessions so helpful. Hip, rib and general stability. Feeling into my hands and feet and what my body is doing. All such great learning. The flow framework and strength movements are already so useful out in the surf. I nailed a long top turn into a cutback. I could really feel that synchronicity you have been teaching. I was connected with my feet on the board and the whole moment felt really smooth and linked".

Lets get this party started!

Have a crew of amazing surf amigas? Are you a solo amiga looking to join like minded women? Whether you are coming with friends or wanting to make some new ones, join SQUAD training today, so we can link you in with an amazing team. Spaces are limited because we prioritise exceptional training over mass training.

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