The Female Surfer - Micro Courses

Lower Body Connection.

When you feel like you aren’t improving, your surfing can become an overly frustrating experience. That sense of getting stuck on turns, not feeling grounded on your board and being unable to connect. Experiencing a lack of synchronicity with the wave and an inability to generate power and speed for turns. You are left with disjointed, yuk feeling surfing that leaks power, uncouples between turns, feels out of sync and infuriatingly like it will never get better.

What's the solution?

Lower body connection: establishing power and flow in your surfing

What we can achieve technically in surfing is helped by the efficiency of our lower limbs. The storage of the ocean's energy and communication to the brain about what the wave is doing under your board - all begins in the lower limbs. That’s why after you complete your Foundational Cores Stability micro course, and improve your capacity to get onto waves with our Upper Body Surf Strength micro course, we recommend you complete our Lower Body Connection micro course. 

Optimise your foot connection, hip mobility, pelvis mechanics and lower limb strength for the ultimate storage and release of ocean energy. Feel balanced, stable, connected to your board and ready to bust out your fins. This course is designed to help you:

  • Improve your movement mechanics so that you can store more energy and release it during your turns

  • Optimise hip and pelvis strategies to generate more speed for your turns
  • Manage compressive loads of bottom turns so that you feel rock solid on your board even in more powerful waves
  • Reduce lower body injury risks, pain and niggles

  • Connect your turns into smooth lines for more flow, power and grace in your surfing

2-3 week short courses. Perfect for squeezing into a busy week

Training designed specifically for females who love to surf

Designed and taught by World Surf League Exercise Physiologist

Knowledge about your biology you can use to enhance your surf training

Peace of mind with no long-term obligations or contracts

Nothing is more freeing than drawing your own lines on a wave canvas. 

The feeling of a power generating bottom turn. That sense when you are on rail and working with the ocean. The optimal timing between turns. The snap and release of fins. That carving cut back that sprays water over your friends in the line up. We created this micro course so that you can experience the euphoria that comes with well executed, well timed, powerful and graceful turns. 

Designed by surf exercise specialists that want you to ditch the frustration of disconnected surfing. Begin your Lower Limb Connection  Micro Course today! Why? Because you deserve to surf your best waves possible in this lifetime, and we are here to help you do just that!

"Candice has really bridged the gap in the market for females, specifically females who surf.
I give so much credit to Candice’s knowledge and personal focus on women’s specific needs. Candice is playing an integral role in our sport and system, and has proven to be a real asset for our women’s surf community in NSW. I would like to extend my personal thanks on behalf of the hundreds of women she has empowered, inspired, and helped improve through her work in our programs and events.  She’ll unpack the causes of injuries and introduce you to exercises, advice, tips, tricks and insights that will allow you to either over come injuries and/or improve performance. With years of experience and knowledge, she will leave you hooked on every word.
We all love Candice! For women’s specific or women's surf specific care, she’ll keep you motivated to surf more and perform to your full potential."
- Claire Ellem. Surfing NSW Programs Manager


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