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Foundational Core Stability  

Shoulder and neck pain, lower back pain, knee pain, poor paddle fitness, trouble popping up, feeling off balance, an inability to shift weight and move your feet on the board, frequently falling from turns or an inability to turn, lacklustre speed and power generation.

How many of these common frustrations do you share with other female surfers? If you ticked one or a few of the frustrations above, then potentially there is one thing holding you back. 


Foundational Core Stability: Your power house for surfing performance

Key to unlocking your surfing potential AND avoiding joint pain and injury is CORE STABILITY. For female surfers having a stable core is critical, due to our unique biology and movement mechanics. This is why Foundational Core Stability is our number one pillar for female surf conditioning and the perfect place to start with your surf conditioning. 

  • Gain an understanding of what core stability actually is and use this information to improve how you breathe, move, paddle, perform bottom turns, handle critical wave sections and more!

  • Create a robust body¬†that can handle more challenging surf conditions, longer paddle efforts and back to back surf sessions

  • Pull yourself away from common injuries for female surfers and learn how to move more efficiently¬†
  • ¬†Experience surfing that feels easier, 'lighter', free, and adaptable to the nuances of the water under your board

  • Understand what if feels like to connect your turns and maintain the speed and energy¬†that the ocean gives you
  • Give yourself the foundation for¬†more complex surf conditioning¬†and boost your¬†capacity to handle stress

With the Foundational Core Stability Micro Course you will learn the WHY and the HOW behind core stability for female surfers AND learn fundamental techniques such as rib cage mobility, trunk decompression and stability whilst moving away from the body’s midline. Useful as tools to return to postural alignment and efficient movement, these exercises are worthy of keeping in your quiver for life AND will form a great foundation to more complex core training and our more advanced classes.  

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4 week short courses designed for women who love to surf. 

Weekly training graded to help you progress your physical conditioning. 

Designed and taught by World Surf League Exercise Physiologist and surf conditioning specialist.

Informative and educational. Learn about your biology and how to train as female.

Bite size learning and peace of mind with no long-term obligations or contracts.

Surfing is a sport that requires, speed, flow, power and grace. 

Begin your surf conditioning with a training method that is fundamental to you achieving these elements. Our exercise strategies consider your needs as a female and your unique movement mechanics. Which means you have a core stability program ready to go, that has been designed for YOU. Join us for an intriguing, informative and pivotal surf conditioning course that will draw you away from joint pain and niggles and eliminate the common frustrations that female surfers experience. These exercises are worthy of keeping in your quiver for life AND will form a great foundation to more complex core training and our more advanced movement classes.  

Designed by surf exercise specialists and the perfect place to start your surf training. Begin your surf conditioning with our number one pillar - Foundational Core Stability so you can feel kick ass in the water! 

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"Candice has really bridged the gap in the market for females, specifically females who surf.
I give so much credit to Candice’s knowledge and personal focus on women’s specific needs. Candice is playing an integral role in our sport and system, and has proven to be a real asset for our women’s surf community in NSW. I would like to extend my personal thanks on behalf of the hundreds of women she has empowered, inspired, and helped improve through her work in our programs and events.  She’ll unpack the causes of injuries and introduce you to exercises, advice, tips, tricks and insights that will allow you to either over come injuries and/or improve performance. With years of experience and knowledge, she will leave you hooked on every word.
We all love Candice! For women’s specific or women's surf specific care, she’ll keep you motivated to surf more and perform to your full potential."
- Claire Ellem. Surfing NSW Programs Manager