Surf Conditioning Micro Courses 

 The idea of taking on a major training commitment can seem overwhelming.

What if it's not the right fit? What if you are just starting out and want to test the  water before jumping in?

Our Micro Courses are the well-planned, simple and effective choice for water women keen to dip their toes into the water of surf conditioning.


Surf Conditioning Micro Courses:

Bite-Size Training for Busy Women

Imagine being able to click on a program that has been designed for you as a woman, by a World Surf League medical professional and surf conditioning specialist.¬†Imagine a¬†training solution at your fingertips that takes the guesswork, overwhelm and anxiety out of the equation with short, accessible, carefully designed surf exercise programs that focus on the key ‚Äėpillars‚Äô that female surfers need to develop. Designed for the busy working mum who needs to fit training around her own lifestyle or the water woman is looking for short, succinct training blocks to improve her surfing performance.¬†

  • Feel more confident in the water

  • Grow¬†your technique and surf abilities

  • Reduce injury risk, pain and niggles

  • Power up your surfing

  • Feel stronger in the water and fit enough to handle more challenging conditions

Each Micro Course is designed as a 4 week short course, with a new class introduced every week. Unique training tips for female human performance are included. More than just a bunch of exercise classes, each Micro Course helps you develop the key fundamental pillars that every female surfer needs to develop to be robust and capable in the ocean. Whether you are a Championship Tour shredder, or a female developing her baseline physical capacities for surfing, these Micro Courses will equip you with what you need from stability, to strength, to balance, to high-performance training strategies. Purchase a stand alone course or stack them to ensure you are covering all of the essential development pillars.


Foundational Core stability 

Our number one pillar for female surf conditioning because of it's value in injury prevention and surf strength development. Expand your knowledge of core stability for female surfers. Learn fundamental core training techniques that will have you feeling aligned, connected and strong in the ocean.

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Upper Body Surf Strength

Lack of upper body strength can impact your surf confidence and slow your progress. Use your natural body mechanics to improve your upper body strength immediately. Feel the power of every pull through and pop-up light as a feather. The perfect follow up to our Foundational Core Stability course, continue your progression towards surfing excellence. 

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Lower Body Power Up

What we can achieve technically in surfing is governed by the efficiency of our lower limbs. Optimise your foot connection, hip mobility, pelvis mechanics and lower limb strength for the ultimate storage and release of ocean energy. Feel balanced, stable, connected to your board and ready to bust our your fins. 


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4 week short courses designed for women who love to surf. 

Weekly training graded to help you progress your physical conditioning. 

Informative and educational. Learn about your biology and how to train as female.

Designed and taught by World Surf League Exercise Physiologist and surf conditioning specialist.

Bite size learning and peace of mind with no long-term obligations or contracts.

Finally you have at the ready, bite size surf conditioning programs

that consider your unique needs as a female and your busy lifestyle. Take the anxiety and overwhelm out of surf training with our flexible, well planned micro courses that focus on the key areas females need to develop to improve their surfing. Remove the guesswork of figuring out a training regime from YouTube and social media. Save yourself time and let us do the hard work for you. Designed by surf exercise specialists and the perfect place to start your surf training. Begin your Female Surfer Micro Course today! Why? Because you deserve to surf your best waves possible in this lifetime, and we are here to help you do just that!

"Candice has really bridged the gap in the market for females, specifically females who surf.
I give so much credit to Candice’s knowledge and personal focus on women’s specific needs. Candice is playing an integral role in our sport and system, and has proven to be a real asset for our women’s surf community in NSW. I would like to extend my personal thanks on behalf of the hundreds of women she has empowered, inspired, and helped improve through her work in our programs and events.  She’ll unpack the causes of injuries and introduce you to exercises, advice, tips, tricks and insights that will allow you to either over come injuries and/or improve performance. With years of experience and knowledge, she will leave you hooked on every word.
We all love Candice! For women’s specific or women's surf specific care, she’ll keep you motivated to surf more and perform to your full potential."
- Claire Ellem. Surfing NSW Programs Manager

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