The Female Surfer - Micro Courses

Upper Body Surf Strength 

Lack of upper body strength for pop up and paddle power is one of the most common complaints amongst female surfers. Not only does it impact your surf confidence, it can slow your progress by reducing the number of quality waves you get to surf in a session. 


Unlock your paddle power: intelligent exercise designed for females.

When wave count is critical to improving your surf performance, you want to be on the best waves, in the ideal position, as often as possible. 

This course teaches you to improve your upper body strength for surfing, by using what you already have available with your natural body mechanics. We use intelligent training to help you improve your paddle efficiency and increase your tolerance for upper body load. Feel the power of your pull through with every stroke and pop-up like your body is a light as a feather. Upper Body Surf Strength will give you a quiver of exercises to:

  • Reduce pain and niggling injuries in the shoulders and neck 

  •  Improve your muscular endurance over time, important for repetitive paddling 

  • Help you feel like you are paddling 'lighter' and with less effort 
  • Power up your surfing, so you can feel stronger in the water and able to handle more challenging conditions

The perfect follow up to our Foundational Core Stability course, this course will help you catch more waves, experience less frustration in the ocean and excel your surfing performance

2-3 week short courses. Perfect for squeezing into a busy week

Training designed specifically for females who love to surf

Designed and taught by World Surf League Exercise Physiologist

Knowledge about your biology you can use to enhance your surf training

Peace of mind with no long-term obligations or contracts

You deserve to surf your best waves possible in this lifetime.

That is why we have created exercise courses that consider your unique needs as a female. Let's cease the frustration of not getting on waves and that horrible feeling of not being able to paddle out the back. Instead, let's take action towards powering up your upper body strength so you can feel paddle fit, stronger and more confident in the ocean.  Designed by surf exercise specialists that care about the number of good quality waves you catch - sign up today so you can catch more of dream waves! 

Yes to dream waves!
"You’ve got a great teaching style and it was all so good!...a headache I have had for months has gone away and I can only put it down the the exercises…they are very effective.
- Claire. Surfing Mum, South Coast NSW 


If you are as keen to get started as we are, then take advantage of our early bird discount. Register for our first Upper Body Surf Strength Micro Course today to receive 15% off your course and an additional bonus offer. Simply enter the code MICROUB15 at the check out after you click on the link below. We cannot wait for you to join The Female Surfer Community!