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Historically, sport science and common training concepts in surfing have downplayed the importance of female-specific variables on performance.

The Female Surfer is here to change that. We want to offer female surfers training and education that provide them with a full quiver of tools and resources to perform from.

YES, we talk about the menstrual cycle.

YES, we train to reduce high-risk areas for female surfers.

YES, we consider the difference in your body’s structure.

We consider YOU as a female. Because it matters.

At The Female Surfer, we want you to surf your best waves. We are here to support you with surf training and conditioning strategies specific to women. 

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Individual Consultations

 Individual consultations are the place to start if you have health issues, injuries, pain or niggles or if you want an individual, high-performance approach to your training.

This service allows us to understand your unique concerns and develop specific exercise and coaching strategies that will track you towards your goals.

Your exercise support will be specifically designed for you, including training periodisation around competitions or planned events. Our surf coaches are also on hand for surf coaching and technique tips.

Feel supported and part of our Female Surfer community, with access to our online community and educational webinars. Let's get started TODAY!

* Online bookings are available. Request when you make your booking.


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Micro Surf Conditioning Courses 

Knowing where to start with surf conditioning can be overwhelming. There is so much information out there, so many exercises to follow! Some are great. Some are down-right dangerous. Not many are prescribed by exercise qualified professionals and minimal resources, if any, consider your unique biology as a woman.

So how do you know where to start? Do you have the time to sort through exercises on social media and YouTube? Are you choosing exercises that are safe and actually going to improve your surfing?  Do you start by lifting weights or going for a run? 

Our Micro Surf Conditioning courses take the guesswork and overwhelm out of surf training. Short, concise, educational and surf specific - it is the simple answer to knowing where to start with surf conditioning.


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Membership Program (Coming soon!) 

Work crazy long hours? Need to exercise around an extensive to-do list? Want motivation and support to train? Well, we have you covered with our online Membership Program.

Welcome to our unique female surfer performance system created to evolve as you do. Become more powerful, injury resistant, graceful, fluid, strong and adaptable to what the ocean throws at you. 

Participate in fun and innovative training at home, at a time that suits your lifestyle. Feel supported and inspired with our online community plus educational webinars and interviews with industry experts.

We are busy updating our online membership and creating new, exciting classes for you. Stay connected so you are ready for the launch!


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Fran Miller

Surf photographer. Advanced female surfer

"Candice helped me surf pain free, after a significant back injury. She is an outstanding practitioner, with wealth of knowledge. My surfing never felt better!"

Zhara Lau Diaz

Busy working mum. Beginner to intermediate female Surfer

"After an intense episode of back pain, which left me in bed for a week, I feared I wouldn't be able to surf anything other than a long board. After only a few sessions with Candice, I was feeling confident again and pain free. I've been practising the movement patterns Candice prescribed for me at home and have not had another episode since. I'm now surfing regularly, pain free, on BOTH my long and short boards."

Freya Prumm

Pharmacist. Professional surfer

" Candice is constantly assessing mobility and stability and giving each session more focus, while still keeping it fresh and fun! Being a talented athlete herself, Candice has experienced what it takes to perform at the top level and gives her best in helping her athletes reach their goals."

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We understand. It takes time to get to know someone. Why not join our online community? Learn more about who we are, what we do and why we are a good decision for your surf training.

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