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Micro Course - Upper Body Surf Strength

Welcome to our Female Surfer Pop-Up Mini Course designed to help you paddle more efficiently and get to your feet with a lightning pop-up. Our goal is to help you improve your upper body function, so you can catch BETTER waves, more often.

Women may be at a paddle disadvantage at 0-5 metres in the surf and our shoulder size and strength may be less than a male surfers. But! that doesn't mean we cannot train smarter and create our paddle power in other ways. You will be taught how to power up your upper body by tapping into your natural mechanics and what you have already have available to you with your magnificent, capable body. 

Each of our mini courses are based on fundamental pillars that female surfer's need to boost their surfing performance. Improve your capacity for the high volume and highly repetitive task of paddling, along with the upper body demands of duck-diving and popping-up. 

What you'll get:

  • A 4-week intensive graded program that takes the guesswork out of training upper body strength for surfing AND helps you to adhere to your training commitment. 
  • Each week we drip feed you two exercise classes that will progress you from mobility and stability, into weighted exercises to build muscular endurance and strength.
  • These exercise classes will teach you how to capitalise on your natural body mechanics, so that you can use your body the way it was designed and power up your paddling!
  • Learn strategies to decompress and recover from a surf session, so that you can reduce the risk of injury and pull yourself away from pain and niggles, ensuring longevity in your surfing life.
  • Have tools and strategies you can pack into your quiver for a lifetime! These are exercises you will want to keep doing again and again because they help the body feel less compressed, stronger, lighter, more capable and adaptable. 

Don't miss out on the education and surf training tips from our Surf Conditioning specialists. Progress your surf conditioning with this carefully curated and specially designed upper body program for female surfers. Surf your best waves possible ladies and enrol TODAY.