Foundational Core Stability 2.0

Aptly called Foundational Core Stability, this micro course covers the fundamental stability system that enables more powerful and efficient movement in the ocean. Want to pop up better, paddle with more power, and surf with more grace? You need a core framework that will enable better movement patterns. 

 Core Stability is our number one pillar under The Female Surfer Method, because of it's value in injury prevention and surf strength development for women. Expand your knowledge of core stability for female surfers. Learn fundamental core training techniques that will have you feeling aligned, connected and strong in the ocean.

What you will get in our upgraded 2.0 Micro Course 

  • A Step by step introduction into core stability training designed specifically for female surfers of any age.
  • A brand new graded exercise class each week-  that will teach you how to actively align your body and develop your internal core unit.  
  • Additional encouragement and support with your FREE training support workbook and fortnightly LIVE catch ups. 
  •  Bonus video content that will teach you the what and why behind core stability, plus other performance tips for female surfers. 
  • Special rewards and offers from The Female Surfer Network PLUS a victory prize for completion. 

Don't miss out on the education and surf training tips from Accredited Exercise Physiologist and World Surf League Medical Team Member - Candice Land. Begin your surf conditioning journey with this carefully curated and specially designed core stability program for female surfers. Surf your best waves possible ladies and enrol TODAY.

$330.00 AUD

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